Are you living with joint / soft tissue pain?

We have helped thousands of  clients in the past 15+ years recover and significantly improve their quality of life.

One way to do this is to harness the power of a steroid injection.

  • Steroid injections are used to deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly to the area required. Helping avoid systemic issues from oral medication​.
  • They reduce inflammation and the pain caused by this aiding mobility & function of joints and tissues, either solving the issue or allowing a window of opportunity to commence rehab without pain.
  • The use of ultrasound guidance allows the greater accuracy ensuring a safe and effective injection. If the joint is swollen it may well need to be drained prior to steroid being introduced to ensure efficacy. This can only be done ac the fluid can be located.
  • Steroid can be injected as is, or mixed with local anaesthetic or saline. You will be asked when consented but should you have an allergy to anaesthetic please let your clinician know.
  • If a local anaesthetic is used pain relief is immediate whilst the steroid will also start it can take 1-2 weeks to reach maximum effect.
  • The effect will usually last 12 weeks
  • Risks and side effects are minimal and will be fully discussed with you prior to an appointment.

All the benefits..

Effective Osteoarthritis Treatment 

Don’t let osteoarthritis hinder your mobility and enjoyment of life. Ostenil injections offer targeted relief and improved joint function, specifically designed to address osteoarthritis in various synovial joints. Experience reduced pain, increased mobility, and a better quality of life.

Delivering precision relief

If you’re grappling with joint pain caused by conditions like Osteoarthritis arthritis, plantar fasciitis or frozen shoulder, our intra-articular injections are here to provide you with the relief you seek. By directly administering steroids into the affected joint, we target inflammation at its source, reducing pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Aiding soft tissue recovery

Inflamed tendons, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and tendinitis can severely impact your quality of life, limiting your ability to perform even simple tasks. Our soft tissue injections offer a targeted approach to ease pain and restore functionality. By precisely injecting steroids around tendons, bursae, or other soft tissue areas, we effectively reduce inflammation, facilitating faster healing and allowing you to regain your strength and mobility.

Combine with Ostenil (Hyaluronic acid)  

If you’re suffering from joint damage resulting from previous injuries or trauma  steroid will give an an immediate pain relief lasting 3 months but, by adding Ostenil Plus, your joint is lubricated / cushioned protecting against future wear and pain for 6-12 months.


Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injections cost:

  • Single Injection: £220
  • Two Injections: £400
  • Pre-Injection (Draining of Joint / Baker’s Cyst): £150


Given how relatively cheap and accessible Point of care diagnostic ultrasound scanning (POCUS) is, the additional value when diagnosing and treating conditions it brings is remarkable. See the video corresponding to the points below :

  1. Ability to guide an injection to small spaces/joints to optimise accuracy / effectiveness – Some structures are 1mm thick, such as the shoulder bursae (imagine cling film with olive oil between) so accuracy is required to hit this. Examples where guidance is essential ACJ, retro-calcaneal bursae

  2. Reaching joints / tissues too deep to hit unguided – Examples are the hip joint or Hamstring tendon origin.

  3. Making a diagnosis –  Accurate diagnoses can be difficult with structures difficult to distinguish however treatment would be very different –  i.e. achilles tendinopathy / retro-calcaneal bursitis

  4. Verifying a diagnoses – some conditions can mimic others or be combined..such as Plantar fasciitis and S1 nerve compressions. POCUS can help corroborate findings.

  5. Joint draining – Should draining be needed to a joint capsule then POCUS is required to direct the needle to the fluid 

  6. Monitoring progress – Seeing a change in inflammation or tissue integrity is often only possible with POCUS